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Associated with the University of the Algarve, CCMAR is a research centre that gathers over 150 researchers interested in tackling the processes of global environmental change that affect marine ecosystems. To achieve this, CCMAR research falls into three strategic thematic lines: Management and Conservation, Global Environmental Change and Marine Products and Resources.


CCMAR offers:

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A multidisciplinary research environment, well-equipped marine facilities and laboratories and easy access to important marine and coastal ecosystems in the SW corner of Europe.

Located in the South of Portugal, CCMAR has a track-record in research related to the unique and extensive coastal mesotidal lagoon of Ria Formosa, as well as other ecosystems to which it has facilitated access, including protected areas and extreme environments such as hypersaline areas. To access all these ecosystems , CCMAR provides a range of coastal research vessels, technical equipment, supporting facilities and a specialized diving team that is fully certified in scientific diving and training.

Other services that CCMAR provides include sampling upon request, access to a variety of marine model organisms  and state-of-the-art facilities  for maintenance, culture and experimental work, of which the aquaria infrastructures Ramalhete Marine Station and CO2 mesocosm clearly stand out. CCMAR features several laboratories and platforms  suitable for conducting research at various levels, including the discovery of bioactive compounds, imaging and “omics”.

CCMAR researchers publish over 200 articles per year and develop research projects at a national and international level. Their expertise extends beyond scientific research, as they often collaborate with industry and decision-makers to provide sound scientific advice and consultancy.



Liaison Officer:

Ana Margarida Amaral



Global Environmental Change

Ocean Management and Conservation

Marine Products and Resources


CCMAR is a member of:

MARS network




Assemble Plus


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