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The Coimbra Collection of Algae (ACOI) is a microbial biological resource centre within the University of Coimbra that holds one of the largest collection of living microalgae. ACOI has a small team of 6 researchers with expertise in biodiversity, cryopreservation, molecular biology and biotechnology of microalgae.


ACOI - UC offers:

acoi 6.jpg

ACOI provides specialized services in the field of microalgae R&D, including access to about 4,000 microalgae cultures , experimental facilities  designed for microalgae research, well-equipped laboratories and platforms  suitable for imaging, molecular biology, structural and chemical studies. A cryostore with a 14,000-sample storage capacity is available. ACOI provides free and open access to data  - over 3,300 records and images - on the biodiversity of its collection.  

In addition, the ACOI team provides expert advice  applied to phycological experiments and taxonomic determination for research, industry and decision-making purposes.


Liaison Officer:

Lília Maria Antunes dos Santos



Microalgae R&D


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