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Every service accessed through the EMBRC has an associated price, which may be consulted at the EMBRC portfolio.
We advise researchers to include in their budgets the cost of accessing the services provided by EMBRC-Portugal while planning a new project or when submitting proposals to get funding.


For researchers from outside Portugal, there are specific funding mechanisms that cover the costs of accessing the services of EMBRC-Portugal. These situations fall into “transnational access”, i.e., researchers affiliated to an institution located in one country accessing the services provided by a marine station or research centre located in other countries.


Assemble +  may cover the costs of access (up to a generous limit) and travel expenses. Applications must indicate which services are required and provide a description of the scientific project they will be used for (scientific excellence is one of the evaluation criteria). Calls are continuously open.

Aquaexcel3.0 supports the experimental costs, travel and subsistence required to access specific experimental facilities at CCMAR: the Ramalhete aquaculture facility. Calls are open every three months.


"My experience at CCMAR was very good. We're having very nice results and I hope to publish some of them soon."

David Dominguez

"For me the best thing of being in CCMAR is to return to my University here, where I did my Bachelor. I also get to meet new people and doing new collaborations in this centre. So I hope one day I will come back."

Catarina Moreira

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